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Backed by $2.7M from Intel, Chargifi believes it can finally bring wireless charging to the masses

About six years ago, we started hearing about wireless charging. And ever since, people have been talking about this cord-free world that seems to be snatched right out of our sci-fi dreams. And talking. And talking. And talking. And still, we’re strangling ourselves to death with the tangle of wires we need to charge our […]

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Smartpen maker Livescribe is being acquired as new competitors like Apple eye the space

California-based smartpen maker Livescribe has a big announcement today: it’s being acquired by Swedish digital-writing solutions company Anoto Group AB, which operates globally in industries including consumer, healthcare, banking and finance, transportation and logistics, and education. Livescribe has actually had licensing partnerships with Anoto since it was founded back in 2008. Anoto, meanwhile, says its mission is to enable […]

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