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Belgium orders Facebook to stop tracking non-users within 48 hours

A judge in Belgium has ordered Facebook to stop tracking Internet users, specifically those who don’t have an account due to apparent lack of consent. The court warned that failure to do so within the next 48 hours could result in fines of up to $269,000 a day (250,000 euros). Not surprisingly, the social networking […]

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Lytro’s VR Camera System Promises Unprecedented Immersion

Lytro last week announced its Immerge concept, a virtual reality camera system that promises to plop people right in the center of an experience the company calls “six degrees of freedom.” Lytro’s Immerge harnesses the potential of light field technology. Light field enables Immerge to capture data from all points, and viewpoints, inside any given volume of space.

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Karma Serves Up $50 All-You-Can-Eat Data Plan

Karma Mobility last week unveiled Neverstop, an all-you-can-eat data plan for its mobile hotspot. There are no data caps, and the service, which runs on Sprint’s 4G LTE network, is available in more than U.S. 450 cities. For $50 a month, customers get unlimited data minutes at speeds of up to 5 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. When LTE isn’t available, the hotspot runs at CDMA speeds.

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Microsoft’s latest facial recognition project rates your moustache

Microsoft’s new facial recognition tool is out to judge your facial hair. The machine learning-based project comes just in time for Movember. The website, called, is designed to guess a person’s beard length. Facial hair is reviewed and rated as either ‘nostache’, ‘getting there’, and ‘ultimate mo.’ Here’s how Microsoft describes the project: We started with a […]

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The President of the United States gets an official Facebook Page

The Obama Administration has launched a Facebook page around the office of the Presidency. The page has already been verified by the social networking company and will center around the president’s wish to communicate directly with the public. President Obama’s first post included a video where he gave a quick tour of the White House […]

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