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Streaming music now drives more revenue than downloads in the U.S.

The business of streaming is only getting bigger. A report released by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), a vocal music industry group, claims streaming music surpassed downloads for the first time by revenue last year in the U.S. The milestone was shared in the RIAA’s 2015 year-end sales report, as the Wrap notes, marking the industry’s fifth year of consecutive revenue […]

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As free-to-play mobile games go global, so does South Korea’s Netmarble

Netmarble Games grew up in the shadow of South Korea’s Nexon, but it moved to free-to-play mobile games in a timely way. Last year, it launched the huge mobile role-playing game Marvel: Future Fight, invested $130 million into casual game publisher SGN, and generated nearly $1 billion in sales. Now it ranks as No. 8 on […]

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Google will kill its Chrome app launcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux in July

Google today announced plans to kill off the Chrome app launcher for Windows, Mac, and Linux in July. The tool, which lets users launch apps outside the browser, will continue to live on in Chrome OS. As you might suspect, the Chrome app launcher was originally ported from Chrome OS. Google first experimented with bringing […]

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Gadget Ogling: Bathroom Bots, Bedroom Bulbs, and Doorbell Detectives

Can you imagine a time before robot vacuum cleaners? The world was a messier place, certainly in the homes of those with too little impetus to pick up a broom or vacuum cleaner once in a while. Thankfully, for those of us who don’t mind sweeping but are less enthused about using the mop, robotic help is on its way in a more affordable model: the Braava Jet from iRobot.

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Miitomo isn’t printing money for Nintendo yet, but investors don’t care

Nintendo’s first mobile game is the most downloaded smartphone application for iOS and Android in Japan, but that isn’t exactly bringing in the big bucks. Miitomo is the 176th highest-grossing iPhone application in Japan today, according to intelligence firm Sensor Tower and market-tracking firm App Annie. On Google Play, the Android app market, Miitomo is way […]

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Doordash gets $127M more for its food delivery service — and avoids getting crunched too badly

Doordash, the food delivery company that helps restaurants deliver food to their customers’ homes for a fee, has raised another $127 million in its third round of funding. The company just posted about the Series C funding today, after months of speculation that it was struggling to raise the money at the $1 billion valuation. The […]

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New Stagefright Exploit Takes a Bow

Stagefright, a multimedia library in Android 2.2 and higher, has been exploited again, according to news reports published last week. Zimperium last year reported a Stagefright exploit that it said exposed 95 percent of Android devices. Details of the latest exploit, named “Metaphor,” were published earlier this month in a paper from NorthBit. Metaphor affects Android 2.2-4.0 and 5.0-5.1.

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Nvidia pursues ‘Netflix of gaming’ strategy with GeForce Now

Nvidia continues to invest in its GeForce Now cloud-based streaming technology, which can deliver PC or console games to an Nvidia Shield set-top box in the living room. Instead of using a console or PC, the GeForce Now service executes the game in a web-connected data center and then streams it to the set-top box, which […]

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Learn fast-growth mobile data strategies from Docusign, HotelTonight & more

VB EVENT: On Thursday, VentureBeat will host an event in SF to showcase our research on how to best put together a fast-growth mobile strategy using data. Our research — based on thousands of surveys and other data — suggests that the best strategy is one where a company’s marketers collaborate closely with engineers. It all goes down […]

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