Looking at a 1TB Surface Pro 2017? Make sure you know what you’re getting

If you buy a top-of-the-line, 1TB computer, you might expect to get 1TB of storage. Yes? But if you shell out $2,700 for a 1TB Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 (or a princely $2,960 if you want a keyboard and pen), you actually get two 512GB SSD drives. And therein lies a problem. Two of them, actually.

Microsoft’s ordering site offers a 1TB option for the Surface Pro 2017 with an i7 processor, but it doesn’t warn you that the “1TB” storage ships, in fact, as two separate 512GB SSDs, configured to appear as if they were one single 1TB SSD. In the normal course of events, that might be an inconsequential oversight, but several customers are finding it highly problematic.

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Indexo patronum!

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El ecommerce alcanzó una facturación de 105.100 MM$ en EEUU durante el Q2 de 2017

La facturación del ecommerce alcanzó un nuevo récord durante el segundo trimestre del año en Estados Unidos, aupando la cifra de ventas hasta los 105.100 millones de dólares, lo que supone un crecimiento del 16,3% en comparación con los 90.400 millones de dólares logrados en el mismo trimestre de 2016, según cifras del Departamento de […]

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