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Tech pundits’ tenuous but intriguing prognostications about 2016 and beyond

PREDICTIONS are hard, especially about the future, goes the adage. They may be hardest in digital technology, where the next big thing can come out of nowhere. Even so, market-research firms, big and small, stick their necks out at the end of each year on where the technology industry is headed. Inevitably, there is a great deal of inscrutable geekspeak in their reports. But with a bit of translation they add up to a useful picture of the prospects for the IT industry, and the businesses that buy its products and services.

IDC, one of the biggest such research firms, was early in identifying the shift to what it calls the “third platform”. The first platform for IT was the mainframe computer—a big, centralised processor with lots of dumb terminals connected to it. The second platform, which became dominant in the early 1990s, was the client-server model, in which processing power was divided between more slimline central “servers” and the PCs on workers’ desktops. The third platform is based on the online computing “cloud” and its interaction with all manner of devices, including wirelessly connected ones such as smartphones,…Continue reading

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India becomes frontline in global battle over Facebook’s free Internet service

MUMBAI (By Himank Sharma, Reuters) — India has become a battleground over the right to unrestrictedInternet access, with local tech start-ups joining the front line against Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg and his plan to roll out free Internet to the country’s masses. The Indian government has ordered Facebook’s Free Basics plan on hold while it decides […]

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